Jeff Holmes

Age: 30
Weight: 212 lbs
Height: 6’1”
Sport: IFBB Pro
From: Marion, OH
Product Fav: Nitric Oxide, Creat-FX, BCAA
Sport: PRO WBFF Athlete


Began my journey, at the age of 15, doing interscholastic sports and found that I really enjoyed the physical challenge it presented. My journey continued into my collegiate sports and carried over to my military career. Training in the military is different than for sports, due to the high level of endurance you must have versus strength and power, I had been training for previously. When I got out of the military I continued training and began to work as a personal trainer at a local gym. That’s when I found bodybuilding and made friends who competed locally and nationally in this sport. I was always encouraged to complete by my friends, but was always reluctant due to the prepping part of the regimen. As I got older I began to ask myself, “Why not compete and see how I do?” I competed in my first show, The Emerald Cup and qualified for Nationals in the process. My next challenge is the 2018 NPC Collegiate/Masters National Bodybuilding Competition and my goal is to become a professional in this sport. NutraFX is the only supplement brand I’m using and the results speak for themselves.

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