Jarell Betton

Age: 26
Weight: 240 lbs
Height: 6'3
From: Kirkland, WA
Products Fav: Surge, Mass FX, Nitric Oxide
Sport: NPC Body Building


I grew up as the big kid, clinically obese, 40-inch waist, but still played baseball and basketball year around. I wanted change and to be viewed differently, so I started living a fitness filled and healthy lifestyle at the age of 15, never looked back. I lost 70 pounds in 3 months and my life was changed for forever. I fell in love with this lifestyle, gained athleticism, obtained self-confidence and much more. 

I suffered many obstacles along the way. Multiple sport injuries leading to 7 knee surgeries. Doctors stated that I would have a partial disability for the rest of my life due to my last surgery being a knee transplant from a cadaver. I, of course, didn’t except that as an option. I couldn’t walk for 8 months but found myself in the gym everyday trying to better myself and to motivate others to do the same. Since 2015, I have been working toward recovery and self-growth.

Now, fully recovered and personal training clients, I own a training facility called, Next Level Fitness-NW in Redmond, WA where I train over 100 athletes. Contact sports have ended for me, so my new focus is body building, in which I wish to continue to inspire others and show that there is never an end, when you continue to work for success.

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