Athletes are at the heart of NutraFX’s core essence. Our brand ambassadors are experts from all around the world and are selectively curated to represent our message, our impact and our philosophy of excellence.
Freddi Brant

Weight: 118lbs
Height: 5' 1"
Sport: WBFF Figure Model PRO
From: Buckhead, Georgia
Product Fav: BCAA, Gluta-FX, CLA
Sport: WBFF Figure Model PRO

John Liska

Weight: 212lbs
Height: 6’1”
Sport: IFBB Pro
From: Marion, OH
Product Fav: Nitric Oxide, Creat-FX, BCAA
Sport: PRO WBFF Athlete

Jeff Holmes

Weight: 240lbs
Height: 6’0”
Sport: NPC Body Builder
From: Kirkland, WA
Product Fav: Elite Heat, Nitric Oxide, ISO-Whey
Sport: NPC Body Builder

Mark Sindayen

Weight: 170lbs
Height: 5' 4
Sport: IFBB PRO Bodybuilder
From: Bothell, WA
Products Fav: Chromium, Fluid Fighter, Elite Heat
Sport: IFBB PRO Bodybuilder

Tristan Le Roux

Weight: 168lbs
Height: 5' 7
From: South Africa
Products Fav: Mass FX, Whey-PRO FX, Elite Heat
Sport: Men's Physique, Men's Classic Physique

Israel Duffus

Weight: 175lbs
Height: 6'0
From: Panama
Products Fav: Mass FX, Whey Pro FX
Sport: Boxer

Faith Qualshie

Weight: 175lbs
Height: 5' 11
From: Longhorns, PA
Products Fav: Pre-FX, ISO-FX, Creat-FX
Sport: CrossFitter

Jarell Betton

Weight: 240lbs
Height: 6'3
From: Kirkland, WA
Products Fav: Surge, Mass FX, Nitric Oxide
Sport: EX Decathlete, NPC physique

Svetlana Shcavinskaya

Weight: 160lbs
Height: 5’8”
From: Ukraine
Products Fav: Whey Pro FX, Nitric Oxide
Sport: IFBB Figure Pro

Tai Emery

Weight: 138lbs
Height: 5'4
From: Australia
Product Fav: Fish Oil, CLA, Elite Heat
Sport: LFL All-Star Athlete, MMA

Ana Doliveira

Weight: 140lbs
Height: 5’2”
From: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Product Fav: Elite Heat, Bolt 24, Nitric Oxide
Sport: NPC Figure

Carolina Vieira

Weight: 118 lbs
Height: 5’3”
From: São Paulo, Brazil
Product Fav: Glutamine, BCAA and Iso-FX
Sport: Brazilian Juiujitsu (IBJJF)

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