Thermogenics = Magic Fat Blaster

Thermogenics=Magic Fat Blaster? The run down on thermogenics and how they affect your body.

If you’re anything like me, prior to weightlifting, bodybuilding, or power lifting, you’ve either never heard about fat burners, heard a lot of negative things about fat burners, or curious to try them but unsure if all the hype is true and if they really help you burn fat.

So let’s talk…

First off, what are thermogenics?

Thermogenics is the scientific term for a supplement that increases the thermogenesis of your body. It was designed to aid in burning stored fat more efficiently. In short, it’s a combination of caffeine and key ingredients that increases the heat in your body when paired with exercise and proper diet, will help burn calories faster.

The key word in the above statement is “supplement”. They are not the end all be all! However as a personal trainer and bodybuilder, who has been around the block, I can attest to their benefits when combined with diet and exercise.

What’s inside of them?

The key ingredients to any thermogenic is caffeine. Some add cayenne pepper, green coffee bean, yohimbe and green tea extract. Each of these ingredients are said to naturally increase your metabolism to aid in burning fat except yohimbe. Yohimbe or yohimbine derives from a tree bark in Africa. It is a natural ingredient that allows fat cells to be more susceptible to be burned off. Yohimbe is touted to assist in areas with stubborn fat such as the gluteus or belly fat. Low dosages of yohimbe have also been proven to lower blood pressure by causing the blood vessels to dilate which will increase your blood flow causing a better pump during training.

That all sounds good, so what’s the bad about them?

Due to the FDA not regulating supplements until life emergencies happen, some companies use trace amounts of the ingredients and simply pump tons of caffeine into those tiny little pills to pack a huge punch! Too much caffeine can cause your heart to race, jittery feelings, nausea, and sometimes weight gain! Use trusted companies, do your research, listen to trusted sources, but most importantly listen to your body. If you experience negative effects, use a process of elimination in your diet to figure out what could be causing these feelings (maybe you shouldn’t drink a double shot of espresso and take a thermogenic… eh?)

My personal choice for thermogenics

I’ve tried tons of fat burners during my bodybuilding career. I’ve experienced a ton of the negative effects, I’ve also had some thermogenics have 0 affect on me!! After 5 years of cycling on and off of them, the best one I have found is Elite Heat by NutraFX Sport. The main ingredients in Elite Heat is Green Tea extract, L-phenylalanine, and caffeine. L-phenylalanine is an essential amino acid found in proteins which also aids in weight loss. I use Elite Heat for 3 weeks straight then allow my adrenal glands to rest during week four as I await the next shipment to arrive! By cycling on and off of supplements, your body doesn’t get addicted to the caffeine thus never reaching a plateau and your body’s metabolic rate wont be damaged from adrenal fatigue.



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