“Discipline is the Bridge Between Goals and Accomplishments”


Let’s talk about goals for a second, when was the last time you set one for yourself? Hopefully if you’re reading this you have a goal in mind and you’re here to see if I’m going to give you the magic formula to help you reach your goals.

Step 1: The What

Before setting any goal for your life, career, or family you first need to determine what your desired result is going to be. What you would like to happen in the specific area of your life upon reaching that goal. For instance, if your desired result is to win a pro card in bodybuilding, your goal would first be to ensure your body is in competition shape. So go ahead think of your “what” then go to step two!

Step 2; Write It Down!

Okay, so you just set your goal, now what? Well.. WRITE THAT THING DOWN NOW! Don’t just write it on a piece of paper, write it in your journal, or be over the top and eccentric and write it on your bathroom mirror, your hallway mirror, your phone… Any place that you can look at DAILY! Studies show that when you simply write your goal one time, you increase your chances of actually accomplishing it by 47%. Crazy right? Maybe that’s why I write my goals down at least 5x!

Step 3; What’s Your Why?

Okay great… you’ve set yet another goal… sooo what’s next? You’ve set tons of goals in the past, but haven’t been able to stick to them… Am I right? Well ask yourself, what was the reasoning as to why you needed to reach your goal? And don’t give me some generic answer, dig deep… Take a few days to figure it out. So you want to win your pro card, why? To be great? Why do you want to be great, better yet; why do you NEED to be great? Figuring out your why and your DESIRE to keep pushing when things seem bleak will fuel you further.

Step 4; Forging Non-Negotiable Goals

So, you’ve set a goal, wrote it down, figured out your why, the fire has been lit, but how do you keep it going? By combining all of the above elements with consistency and dedication. We do not create new habits, we simply replace the old ones. So get in the habit of going that extra mile; one day it won’t feel like an extra mile! Understand that what you’re building will take time and won’t happen over night. Don’t set goals that you will give up on easily, set goals that scare you awake. Set goals that keep you up all night because you have been inspired by a new idea to keep things going. Set a goal that becomes NON-NEGOTIABLE!


Written by Eboni Ward