Meal Prep Organization

How to be Organized With Your Meal Prep

Meal prep is one of the keys to maintaining a weight loss diet routine. Just like with exercise, routine is what keeps you going. Preparing your meals once a week keep you from having to make last minute food choices. Those decisions made when you are hungry can derail your diet plan.

Here are the steps to an organized meal prep routine:

Menu — Your diet plan probably includes some rules and calculations, but it is up to you to create meals from this information. Take the time to do your calculations to plan meals for a whole week at one time. Create a menu for yourself, so you know what you will eat each day.

Shopping — The menu planning needs to be done before you can shop. Armed with a list of ingredients for your weekly menu, you can efficiently conquer the grocery. Use a list to keep from being distracted by foods that are not on your weekly menu.

Storage — The fewer trips you need to make to the grocery store, the less likely you will be to buy foods that are not on your diet plan. Organize your food storage at home to get maximum value from each trip to the store. Then, you want to properly package the foods you store, so they will remain fresh. Keeping your refrigerator and freezer organized will make meal prep easier.

Containers — The proper food containers will make your meal prep routine fun and easy. There is nothing fun about sifting through a bunch of stained and misshapen plastic containers looking for the one matching lid. Throw out the old stuff and get a set of containers that works for your diet plan. Determine what size you need for a dinner portion, for example, and get seven of them.

Keep Meal Prep Organized and Make it Fun!

Meal prep doesn’t have to be another job you accomplish on the weekends. Make it social by gathering a couple family members and doing it together. If you create an organized plan, meal prep can be fun and easy.

Prep stations — Organize your kitchen into prep stations just like the pros. One person can clean vegetables while another slices lean proteins. Decide what will be pre-cooked and which items can be stored raw for last minute cooking.

Packaging — One essential part of weekly meal prepping is packaging. Devise a system of marking your packages, so it is easy to grab the right one when you are headed out the door to work in the morning. Consider adding an inspirational message to some of the packages to keep your going throughout the week.

Keep records — Get a notebook or hang a white board in the kitchen to help you stay organized. After the meals for the week are prepared, you’ll need some reference to remind you what to eat when. You could also add notes about each meal throughout the week that will make next week’s meal prep easier.

Clean up — Preparing raw whole foods requires thorough cleaning of all cutting instruments and counter surfaces. Don’t skimp on this step.

Routine weekly meal prep does not have to be boring. Keeping your meal prep routine organized is the key to success.